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Musclecreation members can either be public (free) or paid members and no matter which one you are, you are part of our community. Regular members have limitations on their accounts such as having limited access to all the forums, including the entire steroid supplier list. In addition to that, regular members have a small PM box, no signature line and other account limitations. Paid members also enjoy supplier support which means if you have a problem with any of the suppliers, we work with you and them to resolve the problem. Regular members are on their own in this regard.

Joining Musclecreation today for one year at a cost of only $19.95 and you will gain access to our online steroid supplier list. This will give you instant access for one full year. Is there another way to gain access to the online steroid supplier list? Yes! Join the forums and become an active member. If the MC staff feels like you have contributed to the forums we will give you access with no cost to you. This is a way of thanking you for becoming a part of us and for the time you put in here. So there you go, 2 options! 

Easy payment

Please read carefully before signing up:

Allow 24-48 hours before account can be activated. For a membership on the MC forums, you still have to register an account: Account have to be added manually, so for quicker activation, use the same email to pay as you do on the forums. If you wish to use a different email address, be sure to email me to let me know the email you used to pay and your user name - or

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